G7 Rhythm

G7 Rhythm℠

A bevy of packaged consulting services & Field Service solutions

G7 Rhythm℠ is a suite of packaged services that are selected as an output of the G7 Beat℠ value analysis. These packaged services are based on our approach to field service change integration and are built on previous client successes.

Foundational Package Projects

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    FS Technology Strategy
    Road Mapping

    Use our strategic playbook for aligning your unique business goals with industry best practices for Field Service technology

  • r

    Strategy & Business
    Goal Articulation

    Sort out your priorities and initiatives for your Field Service organization by aligning  your vision with our unique G7 Fusion Framework™

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    Driver Safety &
    Accident Prevention

    Implement a driver safety program leveraging new or existing technology to reduce costs and risk

  • s

    Fuel Savings Initiatives

    Implement fuel savings initiatives leveraging in-vehicle GPS to reduce idle time and speeding

  • G

    Tech Performance &
    Revenue Growth

    Advance a performance management program for Field Service that aligns with business goals and leverages cutting edge technologies

  • M

    WFM Application Selection

    Leverage our experience and industry standard list of Field Service requirements for rapid software package selection

  • y

    GPS Application Selection

    Leverage our standard list of GPS and Fleet Management requirements to rapidly select your telemetry and fleet management solutions


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 Break Out Rhythm Packages

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    Vehicle & Technician Integration

    Integrate your telemetry and WFM data to drive status and job duration accuracy

  • 8

    WFM – Schedule, Quota, &
    Route Optimization

    Optimize your existing workforce management system by aligning routing with business goals and capturing additional value via automation

  • k

    WFM – Forecast &
    Capacity Automation

    Automate your existing workforce management capacity planning

  • Q

    Service Call Reduction
    Initiatives & Automation

    Reduce unnecessary truck roles by utilizing our proven approach to increase quality, service delivery, and automation

  • G 

    IoT Routing & Automation

    Leverage a mature workforce management system to route based on asset health or other key critical business factors

  • u

    FS Workflow Portal Selection

    Create an aggregated workflow portal for technicians and contractors

  • F

    FS Quality Management
    Initiatives & Systems

    Establish a quality program for Field Service that aligns with business goals and leverages existing or new technology

  • K

    Customer Field Service self care

    Leverage WFM and in-vehicle technologies to improve employee engagement and customer experience