Our Services

Field Service Operations & Technology

Our services and product delivery methodologies are based on a three tiered integrated approach that is targeted to Field Service operations and technology.

  • field service technology approach
  • G7 Beat

    A comparative value analysis of key industry KPIs
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    G7 Rhythm

    A bevy of packaged projects & Field Service solutions
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    G7 Harmony

    Managed services to support Field Service operations and technology
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Skills & Roles

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    Our team lives for creating winning Field Service strategy.  We offer a unique cross-industry perspective based on experience.

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    Project Management

    Field Service project and program management based on a winning approach and years of experience is our thing.

  • r

    Solution Design/ Architecture

    We know the applications you want to put together.  We have extensive expertise with the current players and the legacy guys in Field Service technology and operations and the host systems they integrate with.

  • G

    Business System Analysis

    Our Field Service business system analysts have years of IP and tools to draw on, from agile-based epics to detailed use cases. 

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    Creative Design/ UI/UX

    We have a full creative design team.  From logos and branding, to UI/UX wireframes and mock ups.

  • P

    Development/ System Integration

    We have SI and development expertise in house and through our industry partners.  We bring seasoned FS developers to the table to bridge the gap between package software/cloud and your environment.