G7 Symphony

What is G7 Symphony?

G7 Symphony Summary

G7 is a best-in-class system integrator of mobile workforce solutions for Fortune 1000 companies. Our team of field service experts developed the G7 Symphony partnership program in order to provide clients with customized field service mobility solutions, while recognizing that our client’s success is inextricably linked to our partnerships with companies that provide specialized field service solutions. The founding ethos of G7 Symphony is that “Together We Thrive”. Thus, G7 Symphony Partners receive access to new markets, “hot” leads and enhanced revenue opportunities.

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    • Increased ROI
    • Strong Partner Commitment
    • Close More Deals

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    Group Seven

    • Vertical Integration
    • Best-In-Class Mobile Workforce Solution Provider
    • Exceptional Customer Service

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    • Improve our Partners’ visibility in the marketplace
    • Development of joint solutions that emphasize our collective strengths and expertise
    • Deliver better and complete solutions to customers
    • Emphasize vertical solutions that improve product development and delivery
    • Invest in customers and our Partners

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    Competitive Differentiation

    • G7 Symphony is a singular solution for mobile workforce companies
    • Together, we provide a full suite of products and services for our customers
    • By offering managed services and differentiated products, G7 Symphony is a world-class vertically integrated enabler of customer success

Together We Thrive

  • Partner Expectations

    • Access to network of industry leading workforce management consultancy
    • Increased revenue opportunities
    • Reduced business development costs
    • Risk sharing on engagements
    • Increased client relationships

  • G7 Symphony Delivers

    • Higher customer service satisfaction
    • Enhanced product and service delivery
    • Increased market visibility
    • Warm leads
    • Broad spectrum of client opportunities
    • Expanded market penetration
    • Access to new markets and distribution channels

  • Objectives and Delivery Model



    • Team with high quality service and technology providers in order to deliver best-in-class to solutions to customers
    • Design and develop roadmaps that ensure standardized delivery and reduce the need for customizations


    Delivery Model

    • Provide guidelines on how clients, Partners, and G7 should work together
    • Designed to address most situations through a customized roadmap and detailed staffing models
    • Mitigate risk and additional costs for customers and Partners

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G7 Symphony

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G7 Symphony Benefits Customers

  • Your customers want…

    • Access best in class business processes
    • Harness leading technologies
    • Increase efficiencies
    • Enhance capabilities
    • Expand service
    • Enrich customer relations
    • Improve supplier relations
    • Free up management time
    • Decrease operating costs


    Grow, Profit, Innovate
    and Compete Globally

Underlying Principles and Delivery Framework

A complete solution

  • Clients’ Best Interest

    The best interests of clients are served with a completely integrated G7 Symphony delivery team

    Flexible Delivery Framework

    The G7 Symphony delivery framework enables flexibility, but specific enough for clarity to facilitate repeatability &  measurability

    A Win-Win for G7 and Partners

    The intent is to create win-wins that increase G7 Symphony team ROI and market share while ensuring all  Partners have a fair, consistent and predictable slice of the pie

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    Global Benefits of G7 Symphony

    • Customer Benefits

      • Consistent message to client
      • Access to the best skills:
      • – Product and process
      • – Technical
      • – Industry and strategy
      • – Broader base of best practices
      • Higher customer satisfaction

    • Partner Benefits

      • Clear expectations
      • Reduced channel conflict
      • Lower Business Development costs
      • Improved communications
      • Risk sharing on engagements
      • Minimize the “blame game”
      • Higher customer satisfaction