Group Seven Team

Beyond our customized software and hardware solutions, what sets us apart from our competitors is our experience, ideas, and ability to execute. All of which are driven by our people. We employ highly experienced experts that have built successful careers of performance in the Field Service industry.

  • Barry White

    Barry White started his Field Service career as a combo IT/Field Service technician (SCTE Installer!) with “Ma Bell” in 1996.  His first experience with Field Service was in deploying and testing some of the first cable modems available for commercial use to Bell South friendlies.  Founding Group Seven in 2001, Barry has grown Group Seven from a one-man band to a highly skilled team of experts and partners who specialize in Field Service operations, mobility, and in-vehicle technologies. His team helps large Field Service operations run more efficiently, improve their customer experience and field service capacity by leveraging technology and best practices across industries. Barry has also spent some quality time learning about life as a musician, street art promoter, and pop-up restaurant consultant…as well as designing a few tiny campers.

  • Aaron Ripley

    Aaron Ripley started his career building locomotives for GE. Better than boyhood dreams of a job working with trains, nothing compares to a 6,000 horsepower engine to start your heart pounding. As a graduate of the GE Technical Leadership Program and a Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Aaron quickly learned to “connect the dots” between technology, process, and people.  With this experience, he has led numerous operational transformations with telecom, utility, and healthcare companies. Aaron has adopted a multi-discipline delivery approach that fuses together techniques from disciplines like graphic design, Six Sigma, user-centered design, process modeling, and software development. As a relentless maker of “Stuff That Matters (… or is at least cool)”, Aaron has never met a toolbox he didn’t like, or at least open and check out.  When not making stuff, Aaron is exploring the waterways either on his kayak or underwater as a certified Master Diver.

Client Partners

  • David Head

    Dave has 19 years of experience leading IT and Operations initiatives within the Fortune 500.  With a primary focus on process enhancement realized through technology Dave has created partnerships between internal organizations to cut costs and drive operating efficiency.

    Providing overall strategic direction and leadership of programs ranging from mobility and Field Service to HR shared services and knowledge management Dave has proven expertise in moving these initiatives from concept to implementation.

  • Scott Shadic

    Scott has over 20 years experience working in both the software and professional services industries, focused primarily on providing enterprise WFM solutions to increase operational efficiencies to Fortune 500 companies.

    Scott has taken a holistic leadership approach to integrating the best practices of both technology and operational efficiencies to deliver quantitative and qualitative successful projects for his customers. His expertise is mobility solutions for the field.