Tools & Integration

Workforce Management

Though they can impact other functions, workforce management (WFM) systems drive cost reduction by optimizing four primary areas:

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    Quota and Capacity Management

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    Job Scheduling

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    Job Completion

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    Our Methodology

    Group Seven helps clients understand best practices and KPIs that drive operational improvement in these four areas. These best practices lead to clear requirements that enable you to make the right purchase decision. We have relationships with WFM solution providers and can explain the benefits and drawbacks of each so you can make an informed decision. Once you decide, we will help you design interfaces, configure the software, and deploy it.

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    GPS Technology Consulting

    Managing driver behavior can have a significant impact on your bottom line. If you monitor and capitalize on the data that comes from readily available GPS technologies, you can:

    • Reduce accidents
    • Reduce fuel consumption
    • Increase productivity


We will never say we are specialists in all types of technologies, but if your company has a mobile workforce, we can help you.


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    GPS Solution Deployment

    Deploying GPS solutions to reduce costs can be challenging. Many organizations that purchase GPS do not have a clear strategy on how to extract value from the investment across the company. Group Seven specializes in helping clients define an enterprise strategy for in-vehicle technologies, select an appropriate technology solution based on the strategy, implement the processes, hardware and software, and build the right support organization to sustain the benefits over time.

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    GPS Solution Value

    Being able to sustain value from GPS investments is heavily driven by the quality of data it provides. If you do not manage and maintain accurate driver vehicle assignments, for example, you will not see long-term positive results. To minimize this risk, Group Seven has developed a suite of management, maintenance, and reporting outsourced solutions so you can stay focused on managing your business and let someone else ensure your data is accurate.

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    Visibility and Tracking Solutions

    Our experience working with WFM and in-vehicle technologies has allowed us to expand our expertise into other affiliated technologies that focus on tracking products within the supply chain and providing overall operational visibility. Group Seven helps companies define needs, build or buy, and implement:

    • Proof of Delivery systems that simplify retail distribution, “prove” delivery of products, and streamline billing processes
    • EDI and vendor-customer interfaces that optimize communication and improve visibility across the supply chain
    • Asset Management systems that streamline operations and track equipment for fleet organizations
    • Reporting and data warehouse solutions that provide KPIs and metrics to manage operations